• Real Mom Life

    Let's bring the joy back to motherhood. Yes, being a stay at home mom is hard, however, I will teach you exactly how to structure your daily life for success - so that you can actually enjoy being a stay at home mom.

  • Chaos to Control

    Feeling like every day is a hot mess? This course will give you the tools to reign in the chaos and gain control of your daily life as a stay at home mom.

  • Finding Balance

    If you're feeling overwhelmed, wondering how to balance cleaning & organizing, playing & activities, cooking & meal planning AKA all the things - not to worry, mama. I'll teach you how to streamline it all.

What Mom's Are Saying:

5 star rating

Life Saving Course

Fay H

Thank you for providing SAHM the perfect guide for all aspects of being at home. The whole idea of being the CEO of the house has completely shifted me to a ...

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Thank you for providing SAHM the perfect guide for all aspects of being at home. The whole idea of being the CEO of the house has completely shifted me to a much more positive mindset. I used to dread each morning, the toddler tantrums along side having a newborn and the entire house to run. After undertaking this course - my mornings feel lighter, flow better and I’m full of energy knowing what tasks I will be tackling and how to keep my toddler happy along the way. Highly recommended course for all mothers, even those that work. So many elements that could help on days off too.

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5 star rating

This course helped me get on track

Rachel Ogden

This course is everything. Marla thought of everything and more when it came to this course.

This course is everything. Marla thought of everything and more when it came to this course.

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5 star rating

Perfect Amount of Information!

leah vazquez

I am loving all the content Because I Said So Mama is sharing. It’s so helpful to have the video, text to read, and pdfs. Visual and hands on approach to set...

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I am loving all the content Because I Said So Mama is sharing. It’s so helpful to have the video, text to read, and pdfs. Visual and hands on approach to setting up your own Stay at home Mom life! I am a seasoned Mama, and still finding all of this valuable and helpful, as our seasons in motherhood often change between 1 kid to the next or a move.

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5 star rating

Getting it together

Mallory Dressen

This module really puts it into persepective to think "yes, I am the CEO of my family" so to make sure to get dressed and look presentable every day no matte...

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This module really puts it into persepective to think "yes, I am the CEO of my family" so to make sure to get dressed and look presentable every day no matter what, its your job! The command center was a really helpful idea especially for me. I have something for the kids but it makes more sense for me to have one as well to be able to have everything in one spot and easily accessible.

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What Moms Like You Are Saying:

"delivered by someone who now feels like a friend in motherhood"

Louise, mom of 4 year old girl

I knew this course would be right for me because I'm a fan of all Marla's other resources, but I never tend to spend money on myself, it feels indulgent of me. But then it dawned on me that this wouldn't be just a "me" spend, this would be something that would help my daughter too and my entire household. And it really has helped. The Stay at Home Mom Course is broken down into really manageable chunks, with concrete action steps to help simplify and streamline your life, all delivered by someone who now feels like a friend in motherhood.

"easy to follow, motivating, and very insightful!"

Davita, mom of 3.5 year old girl + newborn baby

Marla’s systems are one of a kind and she goes into every detail about how to gain back some control where it may have been lost. I immediately found myself thinking about how to apply the skills into my own home and routines. Marla makes the the challenges and pressures of motherhood known, gives easy tools for managing a busy home, but also allows us to embrace and allow imperfections. This course is perfect for any stay at home parent!

"This course is a must do for all stay at home moms!"

Kate, mom of 6.5 year old girl

Being a stay at home mom for 6.5 years, I had never thought about it as a career choice and hearing Marla share that gave me a new level of confidence and pride I hadn’t felt before. The systems Marla shares to implement as a stay at home mom are designed to make life smoother for you and to work for you and your family/life. I love that it isn’t a “one size fits all”- but Marla provides the tools to make changes in your current family situation that will work better for not only yourself and your day but in the day of your family as well.

"it’s like having Marla at my kitchen counter giving me advice!"

Leah, mom of 5 & 2 year old boys

I am loving Marla’s real stay at home experience brought to this course. It’s helping me set a routine with guidance in my day to day to get a handle on ALL the tasks a mom has to undertake. She’s got tasks to complete and easy to read lists on how to approach them. Do yourself a favor and get this course!

"exactly what I needed"

Ashley, mom of two girls, 3 & 10 months

I know I will be referencing [this course] when I feel myself slipping or getting off track. I love thinking of myself as the CEO of my family now. It definitely has helped motivate me to stay on track! I am already working on so many things that I need to get better organized in to streamline my days with my girls. It was so helpful & easy to follow. I love following you & so thankful to have your help as I navigate motherhood!

"tips for organizing your days, getting things done but also not overwhelming yourself"

Jennifer, mom to 2 year old girl & 8 month old twins

This course helped fill in the blanks for some things I was missing, even as a stay at home mom to three girls 2 and under! It includes great tips for organizing your days, getting things done but also not overwhelming yourself. I love Marla’s “go with the flow” attitude, it really helps put things into perspective… so what if you need a bit of TV time or to serve chicken nuggets AGAIN for dinner - you are still a great mom!

"Taking this course has given me a blueprint for how to build our days now"

Monica, mom of 3.5 & 1 year old girls

This course was extremely helpful to me as a part time SAHM. I have a 3.5 year old and almost 1 year old and literally just felt like I was in survival mode the last year. I still have chaotic days but at least now I know how to structure each day for success. Marla has a system for everything which simplifies every aspect of mom life. The best part is that you have access to the course forever and she continues to add more content, at a price that cannot be beat! I am now going through the course for a second time at a much slower pace to really let each lesson sink in. Thank you, Marla!

"if you’re letting your day run you instead of being the leader your house needs, then this course is for you!"

Jen, The ABCs of Motherhood Blog, Mom of 2

Marla’s SAHM Course was everything I needed after having our second child. It provided me with the tools I needed to implement a routine with a toddler and a baby. I knew that with Marla’s years of experience in raising three girls, she would ‘get it’ - that she would be relatable in what SAHMs struggle with, and that her systems would help me get back on track and get me out of survival mode. I love that the course can be done whenever you have a few minutes to spare here and there, is a combo of videos and text, and that it saves your progress as you go. The best part is that Marla offers a private FB group for all of those that take the course, which is so fun to connect with other SAHMs and that Marla is there to encourage our group each week with tasks and ideas.

"You are worthy of the investment of this course."

Emily, Sandbox Academy, Mom of 2

This course is beyond valuable. I wish I had it when my kids were babies so that I could have put it into action from the get go. The homebase station has helped me and my family to be more organized. I am getting better at sticking to the routines and goodness the days are going easier. This course would make a great baby shower gift. The amount of time and energy Marla put into this course shines through. Marla has figured out the tips and tricks, there is no need for you to stumble through life as a stay at home mom when Marla can guide you.

"cannot recommend this course enough!"

Stacey, mom to 4 year old triplets

I have really enjoyed this wonderful course Marla has put together. I like how this tackles managing your household and it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task! She has such great insights on how to structure your day and it has worked so well with my kids! I know following similar structures day to day has helped my kids know what to expect and then we don’t have any tantrums! They are happy and know what we will be doing next! I cannot recommend this course enough!

This can be your life, too.

Just imagine waking up to a calm and peaceful home that operates like a well-oiled machine. Imagine waking up every day with a plan, and the confidence to execute it. Instead of wondering what to do with your toddler all day, how you'll find time to cook and clean and be present with your little one, imagine if you had systems and rhythms in place for your everyday life to help eliminate the constant questioning. Mama, a life like this doesn't have to be a pipe dream. I can teach you how to put lasting systems in place to take your days from chaos to controlled.
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Meet Marla

Marla Lind

Marla is a full-time stay-at-home mom to 3 little girls. Her passion is sharing practical solutions for everyday momlife. In addition to being a SAHM, Marla also holds her Master's degree in Curriculum Development & Instruction.
This course will teach you the exact strategies I use to feed my 3 kids, clean my house and tackle my to-do list. In my years as a stay at home mom (without the help of family nearby or a babysitter, plus a husband who works full-time) I've learned how to successfully manage our home - and I will teach you how to do it, too!
ultimate stay at home mom course


  • How long will I have access to the course?

    All of the course modules are available after you register for the course, and you will have continued access to the course material on Thinkific.

  • Will I receive updates to the course?

    As long as a valid email is provided, you will continue to receive major (and minor!) updates to the course, at no additional cost.

  • Would this course work for other caregivers?

    Absolutely! While this course is titled "ultimate stay at home mom" - it would certainly work for any primary caregiver. The strategies taught inside are also beneficial to moms who work outside of the home.

  • Is it a one-time payment?

    Yes! After payment and registration - you're in! No additional payments necessary.

  • Are refunds available?

    Due to the digital nature of the course (including printables and other downloads), refunds are not available.

Ready to enjoy being a stay at home mom?

No more wondering how to "do it all"

Can I See What's Included?

  1. 1
  2. 2
    • Stay at Home Mom Tips

    • Your Planner = Your Life

    • Task # 2

    • Create Your Command Center

    • Task # 3

    • Streamline Your Systems

    • Task # 4

  3. 3
    • Getting Started

    • Time Out

    • Task # 5

    • Daily Tasks

    • Monthly Tasks

    • Task # 6

    • Simple Cleaning Systems

    • SAHM Burnout

    • The Secret

  4. 4
    • Intro to Daily Routines

    • Why Have a Routine?

    • How to Establish Routines

    • Task # 7

    • Cornerstone Routines

    • Sample Routines by Age

    • Sample Routines Step-by-Step

    • Routines with Multiples

    • SAHM Daily Routine

    • Screentime Rules & Routines

    • Quiet Time & Independent Play

    • Putting it all Together

  5. 5
  6. 6
    • Feeding Your Family

    • Feeding Schedules

    • Feeding Yourself

    • Meal Planning + Family Favorites

    • The Kitchen Table

    • Meal Planning Printables

    • Task # 9

    • Meal Prep Tips

    • Survival Mode ON

    • Packing Lunches & Organization

    • Meal Planning + Kitchen Organization

  7. 7
    • One Thing at a Time

    • Final Thoughts

    • Quick Links

    • Task # 10

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After this enrollment period, the price of the course will go up.

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As a student in the course, you'll also have access to exclusive bonuses.

  • SAHM Community

    After enrolling, you will be invited to join our exclusive online stay at home mom group which will provide ongoing support throughout the course and beyond. This is a safe place to ask questions and connect with other stay at home moms like you.

  • One-on-One Help

    Need support throughout the course? As an enrolled student, you'll be able to work one-on-one with Marla via email to help troubleshoot and find solutions (at no additional cost!).

  • Actionable Tasks

    The reason saving things on Pinterest never works is because there's no actionable task holding you accountable to that routine or cleaning schedule. Throughout the course, you'll find tasks to complete to ensure you're getting the most out of the material.